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This is a list of organizations opposing mainstream science by frequently challenging the facts ... "We don't study aliens, we study anomalies. ... established due to the work of Senator Tom Harkin with a brief to validate alternative medicine.


Fringe science is an inquiry in an established field of study which departs significantly from ... Fringe science. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to ..... Center for Scientific Anomalies Research. Archived from the original on February 6, 2009.


Free web resources on anomalies and alternative science - easily search for anomalies and alternative science or submit your anomalies and alternative ...


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There is an historical integrity to a given scientific era that is often ignored in ... knows what the world is like" Usually, normal science supresses alternative views. ... can no longer evade anomalies that subvert the existing tradition of scientific ...


SciSeek Alternative Science - http://www.sciseek.com/Alternative_Science/. SciSeek offers links to information on alternative science across the spectrum.


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Richard Milton's defense of "alternative" science provides examples of nearly ... the ganzfeld experiments and The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research.