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The astronomer William Herschel made a detailed catalog of nebulosity and clusters, and in 1781 discovered the planet ...


Read the latest news and articles about astronomy and space science. Plus, amazing photos of the night sky and dramatic imagery of cosmic phenomena.


Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere ...


Astronomy: Astronomy, science that encompasses the study of all extraterrestrial objects and phenomena.


Just a few weeks later, it began science operations and a list of 50 exoplanet ... In new research published in Nature Astronomy, a large team of astronomers has ...


Astronomy's next big discovery is probably hiding in piles of old data. The ability to gather more information means we'll spend more time sifting through it.


It's a great, big universe out there. In this section of Khan Academy, you'll learn about the brain-bending vastness of time and space. We go from plate tectonics ...


What is Astronomy? Astronomy is the branch of science that studies outer space focusing on celestial bodies such as stars, comets, planets, and galaxies.


Phys.org provides the latest news on astronomy, space, earth science and space exploration.