A list of medals, prizes, and other awards in the fields of science, technology, engineering and ... 10 Geography; 11 Geology; 12 Geophysics; 13 Healthcare science; 14 Mathematics; 15 Oceanography and meteorology; 16 Paleontology; 17 Physics; 18 Social sciences; 19 Systems science; 20 See also; 21 References  ...


The Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics is an annual award of the Breakthrough Prize series announced in 2013. It is funded by Yuri Milner and Mark ...


Several prizes are awarded periodically for outstanding mathematical achievement. There is no Nobel Prize in mathematics, and the most prestigious ... REFERENCES: ... Explore thousands of free applications across science, mathematics, ...


PROSE Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics. Cell Press. CHEM .... Meryl Alper. Multivolume Reference/Humanities & Social Sciences.


The prize recognizes exceptional achievement in the mathematical sciences. ... prize, the award level increased, and the terms of reference were revised.


Dec 5, 2018 ... Scientific prizes confer credibility to persons, ideas, and disciplines, provide financial incentives, and ... in chemistry, the Fields Medal in mathematics, and the Copley Medal, which is discipline nonspecific. ..... References. ↵.


This has no direct relationship with the other use of the word secant in math, which is ..... The next ticket is pulled out to determine the winner of the second prize.


"The Ig Nobel awards are arguably the highlight of the scientific calendar. ... REFERENCE: "Validation of a Functional Pyelocalyceal Renal Model for the ..... MATHEMATICS PRIZE — Elisabeth Oberzaucher [AUSTRIA, GERMANY, UK] and ...


The prime number theorem determines the average distribution of the primes. The Riemann hypothesis tells us about the deviation from the average.