Epigraphy (Ancient Greek: ἐπιγραφή, "inscription") is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing; it is the science of identifying ... Epigraphy is a primary tool of archaeology when dealing with literate cultures. The US Library of Congress classifies epigraphy as one of the auxiliary sciences of history. Epigraphy also helps ...


In addition to archaeology's relevance to long-standing issues in the social ...


Epigraphy: Epigraphy, the study of written matter recorded on hard or durable material. ... related topics .... Courtesy of the Regional Museum of Archaeology, Palermo ..... and social structure, with strong Chinese influence detectable in the latter. ... The pioneer of this scientific epigraphy was James Henry Breasted of the  ...


Epigraphy - Inscriptions as social and cultural records: In the preceding section, ... and the manipulation of deities are among the topics of Hittite ritual; in a class by ... a civilization that is otherwise accessible only via the testimony of archaeology, .... The pioneer of this scientific epigraphy was James Henry Breasted of the ...


Between Harmonization and Peculiarities of Scientific Domains 69. Alessandra Avanzini ... (Digital) epigraphy as viewed by Romanian Archaeology/Classics. Students. 233 ... Open Source initiatives in the cultural environment: ideas and examples. 288 .... The EPNet project team includes specialists from Social Sciences.


... have engaged in archaeological excavations, surface surveys, epigraphic exploration, ... and museum-based research, spanning a diverse range of topics, territories, ... Turkish history, social anthropology, sociology and political science.


Anthropology, the study of human culture, also includes three related ... in the other anthropological specialties and of experts in other fields of scientific study as well. ... keep track of time, and organize themselves in households or social groups. .... To learn more about topics covered in Chapter 2 visit these National Park ...


Psychology, anthropology, and women's studies are among the included subjects. ..... Includes links to sites on specific social psychology topics, graduate programs, ... with the purpose of enhancing Classic Mayan epigraphic research.


Greek and Latin inscriptions—epitaphs, dedications, manumission records, lists of members of ... Subject: Classical Studies, Greek and Roman Epigraphy.