Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or "school" of psychology that integrates the spiritual ..... Related academic fields include near-death studies, parapsychology and humanistic psychology. ..... Cowley and Derezotes, representing the Social Work theory of the 1990s, regarded Transpersonal psychology as relevant for ...


Strong scientific evidence in parapsychology gives general support to ...... These social movements prefigured “transpersonal medicine” – the integration of mind ...


Within the wider spectrum of scientific psychology, the transpersonal perspective ... deductions are highly incapable of making any important social contribution.


A masters program that explores all aspects of consciousness including awakening, enlightenment, and unity consciousness, both theoretically and ...


While these methods will be of particular interest to researchers in transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, or transpersonal studies applied to ...


augment our psychological studies with field studies, grounded theory, textual ..... Transpersonal research methods for the social sciences: Honoring human.


G.T. HardingIV, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences , 2001. 7 Practices Which Have Attempted to Merge Religion and Psychology.


Jan 1, 2002 ... ... psychology as a science and the broader area known as transpersonal studies that may legitimately use ... the larger discipline of scientific psychology. The ..... culture, that is, those who control social power also control the ...


The Integral and Transpersonal Psychology program is a 36-unit, half-time online degree ... Praxis with Integral and Transpersonal Sociology and Social Action.