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This might be for keeping count of how much money they owed (e.g. how much tax ... And in the Bible: “three score years and ten” meaning: “seventy years old” ...


Jun 2, 2008 ... How many years equal a score - trivia question /questions answer / answers.


Nov 19, 2010 ... A score is equal to 20 years, so he was referencing 87 years ago — 1776, ... or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.


May 16, 2011 ... I think most Americans have heard of this term, though I suspect most of us are unaware of how long a fortnight actually is. Fortnight, which is ...


In Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, he used this (at the time) widely known measure of "score," meaning "20 years." In modern language, it would be ...


There are 20 years in a score. The word "score" can be used to mean a set or group of any 20 items, not just...


Threescore used to be used for sixty, in the way that we still use a dozen for twelve, and (occasionally) score for twenty. It has long since died out in that usage ...


What is three score (number)? three score (number) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. ... He had lived for threescore years and ten.


Mar 9, 2009 ... Hi, Could you, please, translate for me the phrase, Five score years ago..., ... common nowadays, so I wouldn't use it that much in everyday life.