No. 15-1498. Title: Jefferson B. Sessions, III, Attorney General, Petitioner v. ... curiae of National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, et al. filed. ... opinion, in which Kennedy and Alito, JJ., joined as to Parts I-C-2, II-A-1, and II-B.


Petitioner was a member of the "Texas Seve... USA v. Ernesto Martinez, Jr. ... Lorie Davis, et al ..... district court applied a 16-level USSG 2L1.2(b)(1)(A)(ii) sentencing enhancement for a crime of. ..... Jefferson Sessions, III ... Travis Seals, et al v.


JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III, Attorney General, Respondent. ... Petitioner Aracely Marinelarena, a native and citizen of Mexico, stands convicted .... We agree with Petitioner that California Penal Code section 182(a)(1) is ... In Vargas, the court considered whether jurors must agree unanimously on all the object crimes of a ...


Attorneys for Petitioners/Plaintiffs Lorenza Gomez, Ilsa Saravia, and Wilfredo Velasquez, on behalf of ... v. Jefferson B. Sessions, Attorney General of the United ... Case 3:17-cv-03615-VC Document 31 Filed 08/11/17 Page 1 of 40 ..... consisting of all unaccompanied immigrant children (also referred to as “UCs”) who had.


Please note that opinions and dispositions are also available from the PACER ... "By judge" feeds will show all opinions on which the named judge authored the opinion, .... COMPLETELY SEALED CASE: TWELVE GRAND JURY SUBPOENAS, 17- ... XIAO MA V. JEFFERSON SESSIONS, III, 15-73520, Board of Immigration ...