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Feb 7, 2012 ... sider here whether a traction hoist manufactured by Secalt,. S.A., and Tractel ... Shenxi Construction Machinery Co. ... 1989) (citing Vuitton Et Fils S.A. v. J. Young .... at 214.2 Design patent protection, which is limited, extends.


SHENXI MACHINERY CO.,Ltd. is a High Quality Supplier/Factory on Steel ... is ideal equipment for building cleaning, dectation, construction and maintenance.


Nov 5, 2009 ... Secalt S.A. et al v. Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Company, Ltd. Plaintiffs: Secalt S.A. and Tractel, Inc. Defendants: Wuxi Shenxi ...


Gordon. Plaintiff. 53.3. Fifty-Six Hope Road Music,. Ltd. et al v. AVELA., Inc. et al. 37 .... Secalt S.A. et al v. Wuxi. Shenxi Construction. Machinery Company, Ltd.


Feb 11, 2012 ... In Secalt S.A. v. Wuxi Shenxi Construction ___ F.3d ___ (9th Cir. ... a tradeshow in Las Vegas, Tractel saw a Chinese competitor, Jiangsu Shenxi Construction Machinery Co. ... Mark Borghese is a Las Vegas entertainment law attorney with the law firm of Borghese Legal, Ltd. ... Yellow Group LLC et al v.


Mar 10, 2013 ... Funk Brothers Seed Co. v. .... e.g., Daniel R. Cahoy et al., Fracking Patents: The Emergence of .... Supreme Court ruled that the applicant was not so limited, and ..... A. Christian Louboutin S.A. v. .... Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Co. ... Secalt was a trademark case, but note that design patents have ...


... (Mr. Gilson was co-counsel for amicus Panduit Corp., urging reversal). .... 50 IDEA 593 (2010); Karen Feisthamel et al., Trade Dress 101: Best Practices for the .... denied, 549 U.S. 1252 (2007); Secalt S.A. v. Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Co., 2010 ... could be protected under plaintiff's patent for a limited time, under.


Shelley v. Geren. Filing Date: 01-12-2012. The district court's grant of ... under the Clean Air Act when existing sampling data is limited or insufficient. Area(s) .... Toyota Motor Corp., et al ... Secalt S.A. v. Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Co.


2012), aroma (Morrison et al. 2011; Teller ... et al. 2012; Taylor, Sarkees, and Bang 2012). Social factors refer to social conditions represented by the number, type, .... and thus was not protectable as trade dress (HI Limited ... Cooper Industries 1999; Secalt. S.A. v. Wuxi Shenxi Construction Machinery Company. 2012).