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During World War II, Anne Frank hid from Nazi persecution with her family and four other people in hidden rooms at the rear of the 17th-century canal house, known as the Secret Annex (Dutch: Achterhuis). Anne Frank did not survive the war but in 1947, her wartime diary was published. In 1957, the Anne Frank Foundation ...


Secret Annex may mean: Act of Seclusion, also described as a secret annex to the Treaty of Westminster; Anne Frank House, which contained the famous secret annex in which the Frank family lived in hiding, though where the family was hiding was not called the secret annex. The real name in Dutch meant behind or back, ...


The Secret Annex Online is a virtual, 3D version of the building at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam where Anne Frank was in hiding for more than two years during World War II and where she wrote her world famous diary.


The secret annex is an empty section of the building owned by Otto Frank's company.


In her diary, Anne Frank describes exactly what the secret annex looks like inside .

Mar 21, 2014 ... She didn't make anything in the diary up- if you want to see her fictious book, " Tales From the Secret Annex". She didn't know she was going into hiding when she started writing her diary- life just happened. And her father did not write the diary. There is no proof of this whatsoever, and I will stand by this ...


The Frank family goes into hiding in the secret annex on July 6, 1942.


Feb 3, 2014 ... The house is located on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The front part of the building is now a memorial museum for Anne and the victims; and the back secret annex – where they hid – has been preserved as it was during World War II. image from: ...


In this drawing you can roughly see how the Secret Annex looked from the inside. The people in the Secret Annex had a lot of space compared to a lot of other people who were forced to go into hiding. Anne even mentions in her diary that the hiding place is "ideal." Anne Frank and Fritz Pfeffer's room is: 5.05 m (16 ft 7 in) ...