In epistemology (theory of knowledge), a self-evident proposition is a proposition that is known to be true by understanding its meaning without proof, and/or by ...


Self-evident definition is - evident without proof or reasoning. How to use self- evident in a sentence.


Self-evident definition, evident in itself without proof or demonstration; axiomatic. See more.


self-evident meaning: 1. clear or obvious without needing any proof or explanation: 2. so clear or obvious that no proof or explanation is needed: . Learn more.


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Self-evident definition: A fact or situation that is self-evident is so obvious that there is no need for proof or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


evident without proof or argument. ... adj evident without proof or argument. “we hold these truths to be self-evident”. Synonyms: axiomatic, taken for granted.


Define self-evident. self-evident synonyms, self-evident pronunciation, self- evident translation, English dictionary definition of self-evident. adj. Requiring no  ...


English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. self- + evident. Adjective[edit]. self-evident (not comparable). Obviously true, and requiring no proof, argument or explanation ...