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Nov 30, 2017 ... Remarkably, based on Huffer et al. .... 2.5 g/L and yielded higher cell mass (OD = 0.81 ± 0.02 in pentanoic acid versus 0.69 ± 0.04 in pentanol).


May 26, 2011 ... 268, D.A. Borkholder et al., “Murine intracochlear drug delivery: ..... Sewell WF, Borenstein JT, Chen Z, et al. .... Cochlear gene transfer: round window versus cochleostomy inoculation. .... Abe C, Tashiro T, Tanaka K, et al.


Aug 20, 2007 ... Journal List · Korean J Radiol · v.8(4); Jul-Aug 2007; PMC2627166 ..... Miyake et al. analyzed 14 nonfunctioning adrenal adenomas and 22 nonadenomas, ... Phillips VM, Graham SD, Jr, Sewell CW, Gedgaudas-McClees K, et al. ... Miyake H, Maeda H, Tashiro M, Suzuki K, Nagatomo H, Aikawa H, et al.


Nov 20, 2013 ... 201 assay. All epitopes, except NP418-426, were conserved among H7N9 viruses available ..... Odagiri T, Paulson JC, Hasegawa H, Tashiro M, Kawaoka Y. 2013. 507 ..... Olsen K, Robinson N, Gileadi U, Sewell AK, Cerundolo V, Phillips RE. 676 .... Murray N, Spoonas A, Driscoll P, Smith M, et al. 1993.


Jan 1, 2005 ... In a separate randomized trial, Mayanja-Kizaa et al. ...... et al. (A. J. Ullman, J. A. van Burik, P. McSweeney, V. Ratanatharathorn, J. Raymond, V. L. de Morais, J. McGurik, W. Lau, ...... Maesaki, S., S. Kawamura, Y. Miyazaki, K. Tomono, T. Tashiro, and S. Kohno. ..... Sewell, D. L., M. A. Pfaller, and A. L. Barry.


microemulsion with a particle diameter of 100 nm or less (Charman et al., 1992; Craig et al., 1993; Shah et al. .... findings (Tashiro et al., 1990) thus confirming the suitability of the yield of the ..... Cooney GF, Jeevanandam V, Choudhury S, Feutren G, Mueller EA, Eisen HJ (1998) ... Hamilton S, Hamilton RJ, Sewell PA ( 1992).


Apr 15, 2015 ... Although SMN is expressed ubiquitously in all tissues, spinal motor neurons are ... cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5; Baumann et al., 1993; Michel et al., 1998). ...... in glial cells (Trojanowski et al., 1989; Tashiro et al., 1997; Klein et al., 2002), .... Panozzo C,; Frugier T,; Millet G,; Roblot N,; Joshi V,; Melki J.


0.01 M ammonium bicarbonate (1:20, w/v) overnight at 2–8°C. The crude extract ... BMDCs were generated in vitro according to Lutz et al. (22). In brief, bone.


Jan 21, 2011 ... antigen derived from the observation by Moreau et al. that it was similar yet ... Dahr et al. reported in 1974 that the Tn antigen occurs in glycoproteins of ...... [6] V. Friedenreich, The Thomsen Hemagglutination Phenomenon,. Vol. ..... [117] R. Sewell, M. Bäckström, M. Dalziel, S. Gschmeissner, H. Karlsson, T.