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Conclusions. Short-chain alcohols, acids, and esters exhibit distinctive toxic effects on E. coli health. Hydrophobicity is a quantitative predictor to evaluate the toxic effect of a metabolite. This study sheds light on degrees of toxicity of fermentative metabolites on microbial health and further helps in the selection of desirable ...


Aug 20, 2007 ... Korobkin et al. (34), in a study of 135 adrenal masses, reported that the mean diameter of adenomas was significantly lower than that of nonadenomas (2.4 versus 4.5 cm) but that there was a sufficient overlap between the two groups, particularly with the smaller lesions. These results showed very similar ...


H. Tashiro, J. M. Graybeal, D. B. Tanner, E. J. Nicol, J. P. Carbotte, and G. L. Carr ..... Ab initio study of the physical properties of γ-Al2O3: Lattice dynamics, bulk properties, electronic structure, bonding, optical properties, and ELNES/XANES ... M. J. Cawkwell, Thomas D. Sewell, Lianqing Zheng, and Donald L. Thompson.


Epidural versus intrathecal morphine for postoperative analgesia ... scores were greater in the i.t. group (P=0.032), as was additional morphine consumption (4 vs .... control value (i.e. the beginning of the procedure) is plotted against time. Data are expressed as mean (SEM). No significant differences. Duale et al. 692 ...


Liu et al. (21) expressed Zymobacter palmae pyruvate decarboxylase in L. lactis and observed production of acetaldehyde, but not of ethanol. It seems that the expression level was too low, ..... Lucena BTL,; dos Santos BM,; Moreira JLS,; Moreira APB,; Nunes AC,; Azevedo V,; Miyoshi A,; Thompson FL,; de Morais MA Jr.


IL-4 is a cytokine with anti-inflammatory properties on activated macrophages. Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune inflam- matory disease, is characterized by a paucity of IL-4 and an abundance of synovial macrophage-derived mediators. Herein, the effect of a single injection of adenovirus-producing rat IL-4 (AxCAIL-4)  ...


Nov 30, 2004 ... 55.5 ± 13.6 yr (P = 0.34); tumor size, 4.2 ± 2.9 vs. 4.5 ± 2.7 cm (P = 0.12), and female/male sex ratio 77/71 vs. 79/74 (P = 0.95). .... Karstaedt et al. (11) described four cases of pheochromocytoma with low attenuation values (5–10 HU), which were attributed to the necrotic areas. No information was given ...


Sewell et al. (2006) and Hart et al. (2000) each presented reflective processes that were informed by the work of Boud, Keogh, and Walker (1985). Asselin and Fain (2013) developed their reflective intervention based on the Critical Reflective Inquiry Model (Kim, Lauzon Clabo, Burbank, Leveille, & Martins, 2010) . Finally ...


Jan 4, 2016 ... glycolide) (PLGA) nanoparticles for enhanced targeted deliv- ery of docetaxel and doxorubicin to CXCR4 overexpressing lung cancer cells [26,27]. To enhance the targeting and killing of tumor cells,. Snyder et al. linked another CXCR4 ligand, DV3, to two transducible anticancer peptides: a p53-activating.