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Shade Loving Annual Flowers
There are many gardeners who love to plant annual flowers. Annuals work well filling in empty spots in the garden or in containers on on the patio. For those needing shade-loving annuals for the landscape or patio, there are some that are numerous shade... More »
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May 30, 2016 ... Zones: 5 – 8. Use in damp woodland or bog gardens for a showy display of flower spikes and bold foliage. Reaches up to 5 ft. tall and wide. seaoatscropped. Northern Sea Oats Zones: 4 – 9. Thrives in moist sites, though tolerant of dry shade. Useful on a shady slope. Reaches up to 3 ft. tall and 2 ft. wide.


Our Picotee Begonias will captivate you with enormous camellia-like flowers, up to 6" across, boasting heavily ruffled petals—not the typical serrated edges found with common varieties. Plant these shade-loving begonias 10–12" apart in full to part shade and moist soil, and they'll flourish without a lot of pampering.


Aug 9, 2014 ... They continue to flower through autumn and into early winter. The foliage is equally attractive - the leaves are undulating, dark green, glistening and slightly hairy. The reverse is even more spectacular - it's a deep purple, which brightens up a shady spot." "Many of the best shade-tolerant plants can be ...


Shade Loving Plants. Elephant's Ears - Bergenia, Elephant's Ears - Bergenia. This plant can grow in part shade or full shade. This plant is happy growing in a wide range of soils. This plant produces flowers. This plant is hardy. This is a good ground cover plant. Hardy evergreen perennials grown for their large leathery ...


Jul 26, 2017 ... Bleeding hearts are shade-loving woodland plants that bloom in spring when it's cool. Plant them in rich, moist soil that's in partial shade. Most types of bleeding heart will bloom only in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall; the fringed-leaf variety will continue to bloom repeatedly throughout the summer ...


A shade garden need not be a dull one; it can be host to many wonderful flowering shrubs and foliage plants. We've put together a large assortment to brighten dull areas of your garden.


Although spring flowering bulbs prefer the sun, if planted under deciduous trees ( trees that lose their leaves during the winter), the bulbs will bloom and be able to replenish their storage before heavy shade is ... The sun's rays from the south and/or west are more intense and can be more damaging to shade loving plants.


You can choose from an array of flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs, and woodland plants for color. Many groundcovers do ... Browallias, coleus, wax begonias, dwarf salvias, and other shade tolerant annuals will begin blooming soon after frost danger is past if you start with robust young bedding plants. It doesn't make ...


Shade Loving Plants for your Front & Back Yards Landscape list of perennial ground covers flowers & plants that thrive under the branches of your trees.