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Very young bala sharks are sometimes kept in small aquaria. However, given their adult size, schooling behavior, and swimming speed, the fish quickly grow to need much more room. Hobbyists continue to debate over acceptable minimum tank sizes, but generally recommend at least a 2-meter tank. FishBase lists a ...


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Jun 17, 2014 ... Most freshwater aquarium sharks are not true sharks but members of the Cyprinid family which also includes Barbs, Minnows, Danios and Rasboras. There are also a few catfish that have garnered the title of “shark” because of their physical appearance and feeding habits. These fish are all quite active ...


Freshwater aquarium sharks can be predators and see small fish as live food. This is more common when they reach quite larger sizes. Some freshwater sharks are not predators, but they are aggressive and can bully, bite, or nip the fins of other tank companions. When deciding on a shark fish, research the types of fish ...


Dec 10, 2014 ... Imagine your aquarium full of 1000 kg's of dangerous giants with big jaws, hundreds of forceful sharp teeth, and creatures with strong and powerful swimming capabilities. Yes, we are talking about sharks, but not these giant ocean dwelling types of sharks, we're talking about freshwater aquarium sharks ...


Freshwater aquarium sharks are not really sharks, but rather are barbs with torpedo shaped bodies, Be sure to do your homework first, because some are very territorial and aggressive.


The generic term “Shark” is applied to many unrelated fish with a similar body shape found all over the world. Freshwater Sharks are not true sharks, but are typically catfish or relatives of carp. Freshwater Sharks add personality and character to an aquarium.


Jun 13, 2016 ... Freshwater "sharks" are popular tropical fish stocked the length and breadth of the country. In no way related to marine sharks, they bear just a passing resemblance to them with those similar elongate bodies and quite rigid angular fins. However, they are highly prized by new tank owners and often bought ...


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