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However, Missouri's unofficial nickname is the "Show Me State", which appears on its license plates. This phrase has several origins. One is popularly ascribed to a speech by Congressman Willard Vandiver in 1899, who declared that "I come from a state that raises corn and cotton, cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy ...


There are a number of stories and legends behind Missouri's sobriquet "Show- Me" state. The slogan is not official, but is common throughout the state and is used on Missouri license plates. The most widely known legend attributes the phrase to Missouri's U.S. Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver, who served in the ...


Missouri's unofficial nickname is The Show-Me State; represents the character of Missourians - not gullible; unwilling to believe without adequate evidence.


Jul 28, 2017 ... An introduction to Missouri that includes information about the state capitol, how the state got its name, the state's nicknames, how the state citizens are addressed, and the state quarter.


That is a question barely any Missouri residents know the answer. According to State Symbols USA “there are several stories concerning the origin of the "Show- Me" slogan. The most widely known story gives credit to Missouri's U.S. Congressman Will...


The Show-Me STATE GAMES is a non-profit program of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health and is hosted by the University of Missouri.The mission of the Show-Me STATE GAMES is simple: to provide all Missourians the opportunity to participate in activities of health, fitness, family and fun. 32,001 ...


May 4, 2010 ... Originally Posted by MrsMo View Post. My grandfather always told us it was because if someone tells you something, Missourians would always come back with oh yeah, show me. I have always wondered about that too. My dad is always saying, well I'm from Missouri so you will have to show me.


Apr 17, 2015 ... 2. After two months of dating, Dan and Karla had reached The Show-Me State. Karla was ready to see the heat that Dan was packing and to give in a long awaited Hummer. Unfortunately, she was sorely disappointed when she discovered all she was going to be dining on was a Vienna Sausage.


There is a museum of history for just about anything in the Show-Me State. See them all.