A sibling is one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common. A full sibling is a first-degree relative. A male sibling is a brother, and a female ...


Sibling definition is - sib; also : one of two or more individuals having one common parent. How to use sibling in a sentence.


The term "vertical" refers, of course, to factors transmitted from one generation to the next (in distinction from peer and sibling influences, for example).


1903, modern revival of Old English sibling (“relative, a relation, kinsman”), equivalent to sib + -ling. Compare Middle English sib, sibbe (“relative; kinsman”) , ...


The word sibling once meant anyone who is related to you, but now it's reserved for children of the same parent or parents. It is a word that was once out of use ...


Jan 23, 2019 ... Brothers and sisters are, more often than not, children's first playmates and adults ' oldest friends. But sibling relationships play out in ...


As many as 5 out of every 1,000 babies born shared a womb with their sibling. While cute and adorable are some starter words to use when welcoming new ...


In general, younger siblings are slightly more annoying than older ones, although in general older siblings are meaner and stronger so beat up the younger one.


Sibling definition: Your siblings are your brothers and sisters. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.