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Apr 18, 2005 ... The other co-organizer was Signe E. Varner, director of ocular drug delivery for Doheny Retina Institute and Keck School of Medicine at the ...


Jun 1, 2006 ... University of Pennsylvania, komaromy@vet.upenn.edu. Signe E. Varner. Eugene de Juan. Gregory M. Acland. Gustavo D. Aguirre. University of ...


David C. Chappell, Signe E. Varner, Robert M. Nerem, Russell M. Medford, R. Wayne Alexander. Abstract—Low and oscillatory shear stresses are major ...


Signe E. Varner. Corresponding author. E-mail address: varner@usc.edu. Doheny Retina Institute, Doheny Eye Institute and Department of Ophthalmology,  ...


... panelRobert M.NeremPhD* R. WayneAlexanderMD, PhDDavid C.Chappell PhDRussell M.MedfordMD, PhDSigne E.VarnerPhD*W.Robert TaylorMD, PhD.


Nov 21, 2005 ... A biocompatible, sustained‐release subretinal drug‐delivery platform was developed to overcome the therapeutic accessibility limitations of ...


Jan 10, 2003 ... Xi-Lin Chen‡§,; Signe E. Varner‡,; Anjali S. Rao,; Janice Y. Grey,; Suzanne Thomas,; Christopher K. Cook,; Martin A. Wasserman,; Russell M.


... Johnson; Christine Mackey-​Mason; Karen Meier; Katherine Nixon; Diana Palmer; Gloria Pitzer; Margaret Powell; Edla Scharre; Melinda Taylor; Signe Varner.


Application of a New Subretinal Injection Device in the Dog. András M. Komáromy,* Signe E. Varner,† Eugene de Juan,‡ Gregory M. Acland,§ and Gustavo D.