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Jun 3, 2009 ... A goldfish is pregnant when the abdominal cavity is swollen, after which ... Identify signs of a pregnant goldfish with helpful information from a ...


Goldfish don't get pregnant; they're oviparous: The females swell with eggs, which they release in the water and connect with sperm released by the males.


Breeding process in goldfish explained, facts. How to tell the sex of your goldfish. Breeding behavior, signs to look for, raising fry, breeding tank, fry food.


As you may have read in our recent post answering the question “Do goldfish lay eggs?“, goldfish don't actually give birth to “live” young that swim away as soon ...


So itÂ's important to recognize the signs of a goldfish thatÂ's ready to lay eggs, or spawn, and be prepared for it. You will learn what signs to look for here.


In technical terms, goldfish don't actually get pregnant as they are not live- bearers, instead, they lay eggs. Signs of impending egg laying include food refusal ...


Even in the home aquarium, a particularly well-cared for goldfish may spawn. You need to recognize the signs that the goldfish is preparing to spawn, since you ...


Three Methods:Identifying Pregnancy and Live BirthIdentifying Nesting and Egg- LayingRaising Young FishCommunity Q&A .... Watch for signs of nesting. .... It really depends on the species, but for a usual goldfish, it can be up to 45-50 babies.


Oct 6, 2017 ... How to Tell if a Goldfish Is Pregnant. When goldfish are preparing to lay eggs ( otherwise known as "spawning") the goldfish is said to be ...