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A fraction is in simplest form when the top and bottom cannot be any smaller ( while still being whole numbers). Example: 2/4 can be simplified to 1/2. To simplify a fraction, divide the top and bottom by the highest number that can divide into both numbers exactly.


simplest form. A fraction or an equivalent fraction in which the greatest common factor of the numerator and denominator is 1. In other words, a fraction in its simplest form is one that cannot be simplified any more.

May 10, 2011 ... I came here because I was doing my homework and I wanted to understand simplest form well. Read more. Show less. Reply 39 40. Loading... View all 9 replies. View all 9 replies. Hide replies. Kitten_ Lover392 years ago. i hate math ugh and i have a home work sheet to do and i have no idea what to do.


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Cat has taught a variety of subjects, including communications, mathematics, and technology. Cat has a master's degree in education and is currently working on her Ph.D. Fractions can be written in a variety of ways; however, you will often be asked to write fractions in their simplest form. In this lesson, learn about what it is  ...


Simplest Form Calculator (or Fractions in Simplest Form Calculator) is an online tool which takes a fraction and simplifies it to its simplest form.


Note: Sometimes what's simple for some is hard for others, and so simple seems like a pretty subjective word. But when it comes to algebra, the simplest form of an expressions is very well defined and is very specific- there's really nothing that subjective about it. So watch this tutorial and see exactly what simplest form ...


A fraction is said to be in simplest form if its numerator and denominator are relatively prime, that is, they have no common factors other than 1.


Simplest Form : In fraction, Simplest form is to cancel out the numerator and denominator by a common factor, so that the values cannot be reduced further. But the numerator and denominator still remain as the whole number. In Algebra, an expression can be simplified by combining the like terms together.