Communicated by Frederick C. Robbins, December 18, 1986. ABSTRACT ..... sines/phenylalanines, and one tryptophan, which are con- served. Overall ... V. W G D. C G L. P P D V. P N A. 130. 140. 150. 160. 170. 180. 190. 200. 210. 220. 230.


Augustine Warner Robins, Brigadier General, Army Air Corps, USMA, Aviation Pioneer ..... Rex A. Sines, Sergeant - WWII, Korea - A Man, A Soldier, A Father ..... Michael V. Taylor, Captain, Aviator - Killed In Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom - PH


S.M. Gustin a,1, A. Schwarz a,1, N. Birbaumer a,b, N. Sines c, A.C. Schmidt a,2 ..... b Therapy group: v, morphine + NMDA-receptor antagonist; p, morphine and ..... McDermott MP, McGrath P, Quessy S, Rappaport BA, Robbins W, Robinson JP,.


Keywords: SINEs; Inter-SINE-PCR; Shrews; Crocidura; Phylogeny. * Corresponding ...... Ethiopian specimens, V. Lebedev for the discussion of the material and V. Matveev .... Schlitter, D.A., Hutterer, R., Maddalena, T., Robbins, L.W., 1999.