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1980; Geiger,1979] and pp60src [Rohrschneider,1980], work that was ... α5β1 and αvβ3 integrins, and probably also syndecans [Morgan et al., 2007] and ... For example, they locally promote actin polymerization [Gupton et al., 2007; Hirata et al. ..... play a role in adhesion mechanosensitivity [Smith et al., 2007; Vogel, 2006] .


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crime: Rule against retroactivity: Supreme Court ruled in Smith et al. v. Doe et al. that Alaska's Megan's law was nonpunitive and thus constitutional (see also ...


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Feb 14, 2018 ... The first large seed plant phylogeny (Chase et al., 1993) paved the way .... tools such as CONGRUIFY (available in the R package GEIGER v.


Nov 24, 2006 ... Here, Smith and Yu and colleagues begin to address these issues by ..... In all three cases, no links were ever inferred by our DBN inference algorithm, ... added one more variable: a binary indicator of the presence of sound versus silence. ...... Freiwald WA, Valdes P, Bosch J, Biscay R, Jimenez JC, et al.