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Polygamy is the state of being married to more than one person at the same time. It is illegal in many countries. The following is a list of polygamy court cases: Contents. [hide]. 1 Canada; 2 United Kingdom; 3 United States; 4 See also; 5 References. Canada[edit]. Reference re: Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada, ...


Jul 25, 2013 ... Case Name: Smoot v. Mazda Motors of America Date: 2006 Jurisdiction: U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit Rule: While typically, Res ipsa requires that the Defendant have exclusive control of the object which caused the harm, the doctrine can be applied in a products case as long as the product defect that ...


E. G. GREEN et al., Defendants-Appellees, .... In Carrigan v. California State Legislature, 9 Cir., 1959, 263 F.2d 560, Cert. denied, 1959, 359 U.S. 980, 79 S.Ct . 901, 3 L.Ed.2d 929, the Ninth Circuit upheld the Trial Court's dismissal without prejudice of a complaint .... Atlantic Refining Co., 5 Cir., 1962, 299 F.2d 353; Smoot v.


Nov 29, 2006 ... Case opinion for US 7th Circuit SMOOT v. ... Magdalene M. SMOOT and Ryan M. Smoot, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. .... clicking, popping, and inability to open her mouth fully and eat and chew all varieties of foods, permanent scarring, and humiliation at work because she is a customer service representative ...


Jul 12, 2012 ... A network representation of the BLASTN relationships between the Alert library and SILVA SSU-Parc named (top five hits) and unnamed (top hit) sequences using Cytoscape v.2.8.1 (Smoot et al., 2011) was used to characterize sequence novelty. Unconnected nodes, corresponding to uncharacterized ...


Docket Number: 2008-CA-001564-MR. SCOTT (CAROLYN) VS. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF GREEN COUNTY, KENTUCKY Date: October 2, 2009. Docket Number: 2008-CA-001687-MR. CASKEY (ROY LEE), ET AL. VS. GOODPASTER (AVENELL C.), ET AL. Date: October 2, 2009. Docket Number: 2008-CA-001712- MR.


Mar 8, 2016 ... In a meta-analysis of 3797 patients, V-Myc Avian Myelocytomatosis Viral Oncogene Homolog (MYC) is amplified in 15.7% of breast cancers (BCs) and is associated with higher .... The 100 strongest interactions based on the magnitude were then visualised as a map with Cyto-scape (Smoot et al, 2011).


Smoot-Hawley tariff, E. E. Schattschneider (1935) attributed the act not to party politics or an ... appear to have a statistically or economically meaningful effect on a representative's vote, and economic interests do not appear to matter. Callahan et al. (1994, p. ..... errors of the marginal effects (see Green 1993, pp.645-46).


Feb 16, 2018 ... City of Cibolo, Texas v. Green Valley Special Utility District, No. 17-938, BIO Requested, BIO Filed, Fifth Circuit. Cheryl Wenzel, et al. v. Estate of James Franklin Perry, et al., No. 17-871, BIO Requested, Denied, Seventh Circuit. Slornaveed Patolillo Gonzalez v. United States, No. 17-7410, BIO Requested ...