Contemporary Historical Figures ... who had a profound impact on the nation and the world during this pivotal period in history. ... Mary Grace Wilcox - Leader within Buffalo society at the turn-of-the-century; actively ... American Political Figures.


Can we imagine it, from our vantage point in the consumer society of the 21st ... and emotional settings that shaped people's lives and actions in the past. At any  ...


Planning to visit Bedford Historical Society? ... Our Volunteer Coordinator, Louise Novak, is compiling a list of people interested in any one of the following: being ...


Founded on May 11, 1944, the mission of the Great Lakes Historical Society ( GLHS) is to preserve and make known the history of the Great Lakes. ... creative ways to bring the fascinating story of the Great Lakes to people around the world.


Compelling preacher and co-founder of the Salvation Army. Elizabeth Fry ... The " Moses" of Her People .... Founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).


Dec 30, 2018 ... Six historical figures from Bemidji's past were portrayed by volunteer ... Historical Society will host the whodunit event at the History Center, 130 ...


Famous for being the founder of the Ford Motor Company – whilst he did not invent the ... He became one of the richest and well known people of the world. .... The cartoon parodies American culture, society, television and many aspects of the ...


Calgary history, Alberta history, and important historical figures (champions) profiled by Alberta Champions Society online in in Fields of Fame.


The Women's History Consortium partners with the State Library, State Archives, Western Washington University, the University of Washington, The Evergreen ...