May 18, 2007 ... Otherkin are people who identify in some manner (generally .... function as well in society as anyone else, then I don't consider hir to be insane.


Posts about Otherkin written by silverelves. ... Of course, it is true that you are unlikely to recognize your people merely by their appearance. ...... Like our Goth- Emo Pixie cousins, we are unlikely to ever become a part of mainstream society.


Upon reading this simplified definition, it seems obvious why most people would look ... Of course furries are different from mainstream society, and also from other ... with furries), found that furries are actually looked down upon by Otherkin .


In the parallel, digital universe of the internet, there is a subculture of people who ... function in a society of people from which they feel fundamentally estranged. ... origin myths of the Otherkin to the landscape of Beetsterzwaag, to research a ...


Jan 7, 2019 ... I can tell you that being otherkin is “identifying as nonhuman” (and, ... It is because I still identify as the people from those lives that I call myself fictionkin. ..... religious, or sexual, or a conflict between an individual and society is ...


May 16, 2017 ... They believe that they have been rejected by society, or they have chosen .... The majority of people who identify as otherkin just want to be left ...


May 4, 2008 ... entry simply because I am not shy about telling people that my body ... this judgmental society of ours has to have a label for everybody. Just


... families are dependent on other kin; the system emphasizes cohesion of the ... The Eskimo system is associated with societies where nuclear family is ... by sex and generation, while on the father's side, people are categorized by sex only.


Dec 4, 2017 ... In the midst of their album tour, I managed to catch up with Otherkin ... Luke: We all love to play Yeah, I Know, people always just seem to go ...