You'll learn more than religious studies here. You'll also study philosophy, theology, history, mathematics, languages, sciences, and the performing arts through ...


Dec 18, 2018 ... Welcome to the arts and humanities in a global context. ... Dance. Engage in the performance and academic study of dance while developing artistically, intellectually, physically and spiritually. ... and students devoted to the study of religion in a global society and in the context of the historic Christian faith.


As a Fine and Performing Arts Minor in Dance, Music, Theatre or Visual Arts you will investigate the arts from multiple perspectives––creativity, history, criticism ...


The Batswana are an extremely spiritual society and religion plays a leading role in ... Culture and TraditionsSpeak SetswanaOld and NewIndigenous CultureArts and ... Culture and Traditions of Botswana | Religious Traditions ... Tribal dance. ... combining the Christian liturgy with the more ritualistic elements of traditional ...


Welcome to the Fine Arts program at LeTourneau University! ... the Texas Choral Directors Association and the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music.


Jan 19, 2018 ... Whether you are a poet, an artist of any stripe, or just an interested ticket ... (You can read my poetry about it “I Love the Dance” and “Upon Seeing .... This is different from a political power struggle; they persevere because of their faith.” .... by the Chinese Communist Party, which saw the spirituality of Falun ...


Christian orthodox beliefs or practices often get formulated expressly to marginalize .... First-Year Seminar: Religion and Society in Historical Novels. ..... Engages literary, performing, and visual arts to explore religion in American culture. .... aesthetic theory, and the creative power of dance performance in the Indian context.


…wisdom present at the intersection of faith and science …ancient and ... FILM | ART. with spiritual leaders, teachers, and practitioners .... for the Performing Arts


This holistic view is reflected as well as in the artistic production of India. ... drew on the beliefs prevalent among groups of indigenous peoples, especially the faith in ... Christian. era, with an emphasis on the supremacy of the god Vishnu, the god .... Standing Parvati; Shiva as Lord of the Dance (Nataraja); Standing Ganesha ...