Advice. One of the SoA's central functions is to advise authors. All members receive free, unlimited, confidential advice on all business aspects of the profession.


We publish and host a number of guides, articles and other items to give you the basics on a wide range of areas of interest. We also keep an archive of articles ...


SoA members get access to a free, confidential advice service.


The Law Society is campaigning for legal aid to be re-introduced for early legal advice, particularly in family and housing law. Everyone knows that if you catch a  ...


Our National Dementia Helpline advisers can't offer you professional legal advice . But they can tell you about organisations that may be able to.


The Practice Advice Service is open Monday to Friday from 09:00-17:00 and deals with over 40000 enquiries each year.


Sometimes you may need legal advice to help you know if you are being treated fairly, to understand your rights in a situation, or to challenge unfair practice.


Recommended listening (results of polls of favourite recordings); The best advice ... - 100 habits of highly effective lute players (first published in Lute News 81) ...


Advice. The benefits of investing in interdisciplinarity. By engaging in activities and networking outside your field of expertise, you can gain new insigh.