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Labor history, deals with labor unions and the social history of workers. ... the formation of the Society for the Study of Labour History in 1960. ... and calls for a revival of public and political interest in the topics.


The Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA) is an organization of ... in LAWCHA includes subscription to Labor: $25.00: (Subject to verification.).


others examined ethnic and labor history, ... history of social work, human services, and social re- ... turn, quickly broadened out to embrace those topics that.


Labor History, Social History, Alltagsgeschichte: .... back under carpet, in the legion of community history projects, and, last but not least, in the ... 4 Of course, part of the point was that these subjects were not connected to the Third Reich,.


Since 1960 Labour History Review has explored the working lives and politics of ' ordinary' people. It has played a key role in redefining social and political ...


of Historic Places as a company town that kept out union organizers and African ... the wider context of social history.5 This work made the field one of the most ...... subject of attention by study groups and committees, historical surveys, oral.


framework of the study is pre-deter-mined, given the subject's life, it has been ... suggests that the recent turn to biography in labor and social history is most welcome, for it creates the ... The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History.


The plebeian subject matter favoured by the new social history, corresponds to other ... So far as historical work was concerned, these sentiments crystallised in an .... Secondly, the whole of Roman society was bedevilled by high mortality, ...


News on social and labour history, social and labour history institutions and ... is a website of the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI).