The environmental impact of agriculture is the effect that different farming practices have on the ... Some of the environmental issues that are related to agriculture are climate change, deforestation, genetic engineering, ... Adjustment to this geographical shift will involve considerable economic costs and social impacts.


Natural Resources and Environment ... Agricultural Justice Project: Social Stewardship Standards for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture (link is external).


Lecture 1: Social Issues in U.S. Agriculture—Labor. 35 ..... d) environmental and health (see also Unit 3.3, environmental Issues in modern Agriculture).


Jul 30, 2013 ... In this activity, students explore ethical issues related to farming and environmental pollution. They learn about the science involved and the ...


policy education on the environmental and social consequences of pro- .... resistance. Policy education dealing with agricultural labor issues can be more tense.


Jan 18, 2011 ... Farmers are faced with new challenges and opportunities every day -- from ... food on fewer acres while minimizing their environmental footprint.


The degree to which each sector of the food system affects the environment ... Major issues related to water quality in agricultural production focus on ..... a prominent example of a coupled social–ecological system, in which people are ...


By helping farmers to adopt practices that reduce chemical ... by economic and environmental deterioration. ... and social equity issues are also considered in shopping decisions.


Industrial agriculture was sold to the public as a technological miracle that would feed ... Damage to farmland and the rural environment ... Social and economic impacts ... CAFOs, too, create pollution problems that reduce livability and depress ...