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Brian Martin presents the case against intellectual property. ... The government's power to grant a monopoly is corrupting. ... Photography and sound recordings have done the same for visual and audio ... Problems with intellectual property .... A musical genius like Mozart may make enormous contributions to society.


Oct 10, 2000 ... Digital Music: Problems and Possibilities ... The technology that has made this new method convenient and popular is MP3, an audio compression file format. ... Section II catalogues its social advantages and disadvantages. ..... are abandoning intellectual-property law as the principal method for protecting ...


Strategies against intellectual property include civil disobedience, promotion of non-owned ... The government's power to grant a monopoly is corrupting. ..... A musical genius like Mozart may make enormous contributions to society. ..... Freedom Press is concerned with social issues and social change, not with material ...


Apr 12, 2011 ... In a new book, intellectual property scholar (and Atlantic contributor) Kembrew McLeod ... Sampling can function like an audio time machine. ... owns the sound recording (the actual sound that's been fixed to magnetic tape, CD, etc.) .... culture because people had the freedom to cover and reinterpret songs.


6.6 Start-up problems for fledgling societies and international relationships .... might experience less freedom to act in the marketplace, if their interests are not .... sale of CDs and tapes, to income from licensing fees for the use of music in ...... companies for the production of Canadian audio and video music and radio.


We're committed to protecting your intellectual property – your music, film, software, presentations, and any other copyrighted material....


The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age (2000) ... Yet we as a society apparently know relatively little about the public's ... "This page is nonprofit and audio files can be downloaded for evaluation purposes only ..... in the view of much of the public, is making an audiotape of a music CD—for which  ...


Questions about Intellectual Property Protection, Copyrights, or Licensing? ... put together these step-by-step audio files to help guide you through the process: ... to affiliate and license your songs with a performing rights society, like ASCAP, BMI, ... (for music CDs) or in the on-screen credits (for films on DVD/CD-ROMs).


Sep 25, 2013 ... Sadly, the greatest merch tables sales came from CDs — that is, up until ..... We love to talk about “freedom”–and freedom is essential and ..... It's really the same old issues by and large, some say a little worse some a little better. ...... they don't have to share the cash with intellectual property rights holders.