LABOUR, Capital and Society 43:1 (2010). Globalisation and Labour. Globalization, Migration and Work: Issues and. Perspectives. Ronaldo Munck1. Abstract.


May 3, 2017 ... Remote working shows clear economic and societal benefits, and should be used as an alternative to physical, work-related migration.


However, when addressing migration related issues, focus is often placed on ... for the effective extension of social protection instruments to migrant workers and  ...


Jul 8, 2005 ... International labor migration has become an increasingly important ... migration has created social and economic problems, including job ...


Migrants often leave their home communities due to extreme poverty and face ... of origin, but confront a dire lack of workplace protection and social security. The fear of arrest and deportation prevents many migrant workers from being able to speak ... under the law and pathways for regularized, non-temporary employment .


Despite the importance given to employment opportunities as a primary ... employment characteristics on migration from urban areas, which have much ..... Thus, only 7.1 % of urban workers in firms of five or fewer workers have access to Social Security from their job (or its equivalent in the public sector). ...... Gender Issues.


The author discusses various social problems resulting from migration to and within ... education, housing, employment, social adjustment, and family difficulties.


Mar 3, 2017 ... In general, temporary labour migration programs invite foreign nationals to ... is that they are temporary, i.e., migrants enter host societies on temporary visas, ... the contributors to this issue accuse temporary labour migration ...


Apr 29, 2014 ... The ILO's Frank Hoffer examines the issues related to migration and work ... And so is business that prefers an (over)supply of labour to a tight ...