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Learning the language of the country you live in is helpful in feeling fully integrated in your new home. In Omniglot's article The Importance of Learning the  ...


Discourse Analysis as Part of Translator Training: Does It Work? How Do We Set About It? A Response to Anna Trosborg · xml · Beverly Adab. Pages: 245-248.


This presentation originates from the idea that discussing social issues in the language classroom encourages intercultural reflection and provides a more ...


investigating micro-analytic dimensions of abstractly-defined social problems, but for ... cern in the sociology of social problems, most of the language-oriented ...


All issues of Language in Society - Jenny Cheshire, FBA.


Learn more about federal and state policy issues impacting the field of linguistics, higher education, social science research, the humanities, language study and ...


The prestige or stigma attached to a particular language in a society will ... and outlines issues facing educational practitioners working with these students.


This guide supports study of language and society for A-level English. ... Patronizing, controlling and insulting: This is not just a gender issue - these are ...