Micronations, sometimes also referred to as model countries and new country projects, are ..... Issues its own passport, currency, phone cards. ... self-declared centenary micronation surrounded by Uruguay that functions since 1878 as a social ...


Feb 19, 2018 ... It issues its own commemorative coins, and even accepts company registrations .... Arundel sold it to the Nova Scotia Bird Society in 1973.


May 23, 2017 ... Earth is dotted with dozens of self-proclaimed rulers presiding over a quirky collection of homemade empires known as "micronations."


Apr 30, 2015 ... "We wanted to come together, share our issues and successes, and get ... according to Scharff's research, was the "Upware Republic Society," ...


Dec 12, 2018 ... A micronation is an attempt to start a new nation from scratch. ... squatters trying to establish a new society on fundamentally different egalitarian or ... seriously trying to secede, but bring attention to a political or cultural issue.


Nov 22, 2017 ... Seven instances of people starting sovereign micronations – and some lessons in ... Why: Hemmingway wanted to start a marine research society and help protect ... Over the years, a number of legal issues, prosecutions, and ...


Feb 9, 2017 ... Australia has one of the highest number of micro-nations in the ... "The Empire exists to facilitate the evolution of a society wherein the ... It reportedly issues its own bank notes, for which Australian dollars can be exchanged.


Aug 24, 2011 ... He issues their own money, they recognise other micronations, and if ... “The Empire exists to facilitate the evolution of a society wherein the ...


Nov 15, 2015 ... Hemingway hoped to run a marine research society funded by ... local delicacies, and issues its own entrance passes and official stamps.