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... Abroad · Programs · Critical Global Issues · Peace | Human Rights | Social Movements ... Examine the role of civil society and mass groups — including labor, ...


One Israeli and one Palestinian are showing how human experience can be transcended—to the benefit of not only themselves but their world.


In the face of armed violence and genocide, two of the greatest challenges facing our world today are the maintenance of peace and the protection of human rights. Why Care? .... Titles such as "international society or UN or ... " each have ...


This Issue. THERE ARE TWO MAJOR REASONS why peace education is increasingly of interest for teachers ... ized into a peaceful, democratic society. In coun-.


Building lasting peace in war-torn societies is among the most daunting of challenges for global peace and security. Peacebuilding requires sustained ...


EASI-Hurford Next Generation Fellow. Vera Axyonova is an EASI-Hurford Next Generation fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


much needed international perspective in social work and of viewing concerns of peace and issues of hunger, poverty and oppression in the global context.


1) to encourage psychological research, education, and training on issues concerning peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, reconciliation, and the causes, ...


It encourages psychological and multidisciplinary research, education and training on issues concerning peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, reconciliation and ...