Apr 28, 2012 ... Use these points as an introduction to the overall topic of food law and as a review as ... safety law -- not only in the United States but also for many nations in our global society. ... It is not a substitute for competent legal counsel. Seek appropriate professional advice for answers to your specific questions.


For anyone interested in an internship or a career in food law and policy, this guide ..... and modern societies, (2) human evolution and adaptation, (3) human health, ..... The FLPC provides legal advice to nonprofits and government agencies.


The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) serves partner organizations ... For more information about the Food Law Lab, please click here.


The Solomon Center explores the intersection of food, law and health and has partnered with the Yale Food Law Society (FoodSoc), a student group that ...


The Food Law and Policy Association (FLAP) is dedicated to providing students with an opportunity ... Members of FLAP have had the opportunity to work on substantive legal food issues. ... For more information, contact flapboard@umich. edu.


The Yale Food Law Society (Food Soc) is a nonpartisan community that promotes the study of and engagement with food law and policy. Food Soc seeks to ...


This Guide is designed to give you a brief overview of Food Law. It provides practical information regarding the types of employers and practice settings ... Schmidt, Erin Schwartz, and Lauren Sidner from the Harvard Food Law Society. ... interested in improving the food system will find many opportunities to apply their legal ...


Exploring new technologies that make it easier for people to find the law. ... We have done work with the Library of Congress, the Open Society Institute, the ...


FLS seeks to bring awareness to the broad personal and professional implications of food and agriculture laws and policies, support students who are ...