Otherkin are a subculture who socially and spiritually identify as not entirely human. Some ... Outside viewers may have varying opinions about people who identify as otherkin, ranging from considering them animal–human relationship pioneers to .... Religion and Canadian Society: Traditions, Transitions, and Innovations.


Jul 16, 2015 ... Otherkin are people who identify as partially or entirely nonhuman. A dragon, a lion, a fox—you name it—there is probably someone out there ...


Jul 19, 2016 ... People who choose to identify as something other than human can often be the subject of ridicule. Pedro Feijó has researched how otherkin, and others, have been viewed through the centuries. ... Society, Politics & Law.


Sep 10, 2016 ... As a wolf therian, if I have a (nonphysical) conflict with a person, I don't jump ... because of how being 'kin affects the way they view that society.


Feb 16, 2016 ... Like many transgender people, some otherkin have their bodies disfigured ... until society's recent attainment of a new level of “enlightenment.


Otherkin are a fringe group of human society who, for one reason or another, ... The word Otherkin was coined to describe people who felt a connection to ...


Jan 25, 2016 ... Occasionally I see people claim that otherkin are "making the trans ... (and less) than what justice requires society to provide trans people with.


Sep 25, 2018 ... Otherkin are people who claim to be spiritually or mentally non-human. The term .... Religion and Canadian Society: Traditions, Transitions, and ...


Oct 30, 2017 ... Furries and otherkin are two very distinct demographics that often get .... people living alternative lifestyles, or actually dangerous to society.