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Caodaism is a monotheistic religion officially established in the city of Tây Ninh in southern .... The official name of the Cao Đài religion (or Caodaism) is Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ .... From a spiritual point of view, Cao Đài Religion confirms, in harmony with other .... Caodaism stresses equality among men and women in society.


Among the common beliefs that the Cao Dai have asserted is the belief in the .... Oliver, Victor L. Caodai Spiritism: A Study of Religion in Vietnamese Society.


Some beliefs were shared by all Vietnamese. Others ...... In trying to characterize the Cao Dai religion, the words adaptability and inclusiveness come to mind.


Oct 7, 2009 ... Dao Cao Dai (Caodaism in English) is the third largest religion in Viet Nam (after ... After three years of studying and worshipping God, he shared his spiritual ... in their responsibilities to self, family, society and all of humanity.


Born in the 1920's in Cochinchina, Caodaism is a religious movement that has had ... Spreading its influence to Western countries, the association Cao Dai ... stages of a personal quest, which is tied to both personal and spiritual identity.


Caodai syncretism is that of Taoist spirit-mediumship with a. concept of salvation that ... the long period of Chinese rule in Vietnam the society has been. molded by ... synthesized with the indigenous religious beliefs of Vietnam. The Chinese ...


“Cao Dai” is a metaphor for spiritual growth and literally translates as “high tower” ... to Confucianism, concerned with how the individual functions within society.


Feb 18, 2016 ... Religion in Vietnam today looks markedly different than it did 40 ... still misunderstand religion and the positive role it can play in society, ... Registration requires religious organizations to report their membership, leadership, beliefs and ... Independent Buddhists and Cao Dai believers who refuse to join the ...


Cao Dai is an attempt to create a perfect synthesis of world religions. ... literally means high tower or palace, a metaphor for the spender of spiritual growth. ... that the faithful perform for themselves, their family, society and the world at large.