Religious broadcasting refers to the dissemination of television and/or radio content that ... GCN Global Christian Network (broadcaster); CTS (Christian Television System); CBS (Christian Broadcasting ..... media aimed at a next generation audience (p23); Portray the diversity of beliefs and society – Diversify our range of ...


groups over the portrayal of religion and spiritual behaviors on television have emerged as an ... tive of their relative status in society. Furthermore, Bandura ..... First, we found that Christian religious practice, with the sole exception of Catholics, was ..... Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 33:139-157. This content ...


continuing vitality of evangelical religion in American society. ... of Christianity, popular psychology, Readers Digest folklore, and personal super- .... television programming were to enhance the menu of religious broadcasts to the point of .... tively said their local church failed to meet their spiritual needs; the same propor-.


Television and Religion: The Shaping of Faith, Values and Culture ... For Christians, the aim of communication is to help people interpret their existence ... that the electronic church has accurately diagnosed the spiritual hunger of millions of ... of its programs are actually the values of the secular society it pretends to reject.


CMB (Spanish), CMB is a Christian TV channel broadcasting from Bogotá. ... TV channel is one of India's leading Gujarati spiritual television channels. ... to the Body of Christ and through this to transform society in preparation for the coming of ...


National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a unique gathering of people, united ... every continent through Christian radio, television, Internet and other media arts. We hold deeply-rooted beliefs that religious liberty is the cornerstone of a free society, ... The Association exists to represent the Christian broadcasters' right to  ...


National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a nonpartisan, international association of ... By the grace of God, Christian radio, television, and internet broadcasters ... Spiritual opposition to the proclamation of the Gospel is neither unexpected ...


http://www.llbn.tv/ Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Broadcasting: Television ... TBN Family Media– First Christian Broadcasting Television in Kenya.


Christians have long been fascinated with technology. As early as the 12th ... educational system, to transform political society, were all part of their .... Producers of religious radio and television, and especially the on-air personalities who ... sometimes claim special knowledge and spiritual insight into the power of modern.