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Satanism is a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan. Contemporary religious practice of Satanism began with the founding of the Church of Satan in 1966, although a few historical precedents exist. Prior to the public practice, Satanism existed primarily as an accusation by various Christian groups ...


Theistic Satanism or spiritual Satanism is an umbrella term for religious beliefs that consider Satan as an objectively existing supernatural being or force worthy of supplication, with whom individuals may contact, convene and even praise, rather than him being just an archetype, symbol or idea as in LaVeyan Satanism.


LaVeyan Satanism is a religion founded in 1966 by the American occultist and author Anton Szandor LaVey. Scholars of religion have classified it as a new religious movement and a form of Western esotericism. It is one of several different movements that describe themselves as forms of Satanism. LaVey established ...


It was traditionally based on the “black mass,” a corrupted rendition of the Christian Eucharist, and ritual magic evocations of Satan. Some more-recent forms of spiritual or theistic Satanism recognize Satan as an independent non- Judeo-Christian deity. Other modern Satanic movements, including the U.S.- based Church of ...


on Blavatsky from French occultism and research on Gnosticism are discussed .... she writes: 'The esoteric pearl of Christ's religion degraded into Christian .... conception of Satan. Theosophy and Feminism. The Theosophical Society in its entirety was never officially committed to a political or even philanthropic program .


Jun 2, 2017 ... But those are the sorts of stereotypes that Ashley S. Palmer, a reverend of the Church of Satan, wants to debunk. .... all things, I therefore reject all forms of pseudo-science, New Age spirituality and the supernatural, including, but not limited to: the occult, magick, Ouija boards, tarot,psychic divination, ghosts, ...


Modern esoteric and occult groups, like the Temple of Set, are sometimes confused with Satanic organizations. ... as an impersonal force than anything; it's also a creative force, because it acts as a point to get different views about our society and its relationship with religions and faith, overall speaking," he said via email.


the Roman Catholic Church) live together with a Serbian ethnic minority (most who are members of the ... of an occult society; and reading books and magazines that deal with esoteric and occult issues. Multiple ... Keywords: Satanic syndrome, psychopathy, depression, satanic spirituality, destructive subpersonality.


Sep 17, 2012 ... First, it fails to emphasize at least one important distinction within the category of religious Satanists, namely, between the Church of Satan and the Temple ... In The Satanic Bible, LaVey lays out his views, which can best be described as an atheistic religion of self-interested hedonism with a dash of occult ...