Jainism traditionally known as Jain Dharma, is an ancient Indian religion. Followers of Jainism are called "Jains", a word derived from the Sanskrit word jina (victor) and connoting the path of victory in crossing over life's stream of rebirths through an ethical and spiritual life. ..... Jainism monastic organization is a part of Jain society called sangh.


The Jain society Is organized into four groups: 1. ... guidance in respect of moral religious and spiritual values that help the proper deveIopment of their lives.


The Jain religion originated more than twenty-five hundred years ago in India. ... can achieve the highest levels of spirituality without renouncing their clothing. .... Dr. Michael Fox of the Humane Society and the Center for Respect of Life and ...


Jainism is a very ancient world religion with a history of over 3000 years, which ... Jainism enjoyed popularity only among certain sections of Indian society, ...


Jainism: Jainism, Indian religion teaching a path to spiritual purity and enlightenment through disciplined nonviolence (ahimsa, literally “noninjury”) to all living ...


Guide to Jainism, an ancient Indian religion of harmlessness and renunciation, including worship, beliefs, Jain living and history.


Absent Lord (Comparative Studies in Religion and Society) [Lawrence A. Babb] on ... Jainism: A Guide for the Perplexed (Guides for the Perplexed). Total price: ...


Jains in the World: Religious Values and Ideology in India (JW) is the long .... whereas I view Jainism as the sum total of the practices and beliefs of all people  ...


www.ijsrp.org. Role of Jainism in Evolving Ethico-Spiritual Paradigm of ... note of overall universal identity in matters of religious and ... in social and religious matters. He did not .... growth of man and society and as such it has failed to achieve.