A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a .... The New Testament refers to prophecy as one of the spiritual gifts given by the indwelling Holy Spirit. ..... and attention to the formation of prophecy in modern-day society as well as the declining influence of religion in daily life.


Prophetic spirituality is a way of being religious imbued with a burning concern ... personal affair, with at best an indirect relation to the common good of society.


Finally the prophetic type of spirituality embraces an explicit commitment to social ... and founder of the religious order known as the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).


Is there such a thing as reliable prophecy—a sure thing that can be counted on to ... “The prophet was an individual who said No to his society, condemning its ...


Prophecy - Prophecy in Christianity: The problem of false prophets that ... He considered prophecy to be the greatest spiritual gift from God, and in his view a .... activity of Muhammad serves as the foundation of Islam and Muslim society.


Feb 9, 2012 ... Whatever any one person's beliefs, the dominant religion in the .... "That function of prophetic preaching is important because in a society of ...


May 21, 2011 ... It looked at evidence from historical religious movements to explore ... remain steadfast in their spiritual faith in the aftermath of failed prophecy.


Religious men and women make an integral contribution to the society through their institutions in the fields of education, spirituality, medical care, social ...


In other words, the “truth” factor of religious beliefs is not the primary concern of sociologists. ... the critical, functionalist, and interpretive perspectives on religion in society. ...... In the prophecy of Zion, Rastas strive to return to Zion to leave the  ...