Tantra denotes the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that co- developed most likely ... Society[show] .... The connotation of the word tantra to mean an esoteric practice or religious ritualism .... definition" of Tantra, by including a broad range of "magical beliefs and practices" such as Yoga and Shaktism practices.


Due to the strong association of tantric traditions with magical practices, and of .... it included more or less local autochthonous cults and beliefs, local religious ...


by Dr. Sthaneshwar Timalsina Tantra in the Western imagination stands for exotic ... Bringing Tantras to the West, in this light, is about selling spirituality in the .... practice into the society where institutionalized forms of religion do not allow for ...


Jul 18, 2018 ... Tantra is about embracing everything, especially the things that have been banished by organized religions, as a possible means for spiritual ...


5 Nostradamus Virato, "Tantric Sex: A Spiritual Path to Ecstasy," reprinted on The .... What makes religious faith ... problematic in postmodern society is that.


Jul 28, 2016 ... Ayurveda is strongly influenced by Tantric spiritual traditions, and so I ... This pairing of philosophy and practice is axiomatic in Indian religion and is ... led to the widespread association in the Indian mind between Tantra and ...


Over the years, I have become fairly wellacquainted with basic Tantric practices, and have gotten ... This sensual and spiritual community incorporates consciousness- raising sexuality into their daily religious practice. ... time in history when sacred plants are regarded as forbidden fruit by the Puritanical overlords of society.


May 6, 2011 ... Tantric sex seeks to elevate couples to a sublime spiritual plane through a ... by all sectors of society, especially religious organizations.


The Power of Tantra: Religion, Sexuality and the Politics of South Asian Studies ... goddess that flows alike through the cosmos, the human body and political society. .... political rule, even ultra-moderns forms of a new embodied spirituality.