This is an introduction to the article: Work, Society, Family and Learning for the Future, prepared by M. Carnoy, and published in What Schools for the Future, ...


IN traditional societies, work and family structures tend to be linked as parts of an integrated cultural whole sustained by a complex web of social controls, so that.


Mission Statement. The SMT Work and Family Interest Group (WorkFam) advocates for members who desire better balance between work and family life.


Also for those people who want to become parents, it is essential for society to ... We are in the midst of a revolution in gender roles, both at work and at home.


Work-family balance benefits families and society. 15 May 2012, New York. workers. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed that while flexible working ...


To further complicate issues, work family conflict while evident is ... these efforts we are working to achieve better families, better businesses and better society.


Work, employment and society. 26(5) 716 –734. © The Author(s) ... with young children can balance work and family demands? Does self-employment facilitate  ...


Both research and policy on balancing work and family life have tended to focus on mothers' lives. There has been a general lack of comparative research to the ...


In today's hectic society, finding work-family balance is difficult. This lesson will define different types of work-family conflicts, the causes...