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Solve-it. Monthly interactive solve-it-yourself mini-mystery ... Solve-it #007 - The Unresolved Murder. Will this unresolved murder finally gets its solution?


See-n-Solve. Interactive crime scene mystery detective game ... Who would benefit Amanda Doyle's death? can you solve the mystery? ... Online Mysteries.


Online mysteries, mystery games, mystery books and resources. For everyone who enjoys a mystery...


Ready to join the ranks of 5 Minute Mystery's Top Sleuths? 5 Minute Mysteries are short, challenging mysteries posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Detective Marvin is hot on the trail of some stolen masterpieces. Could they be .... These are some of the questions you'll be asking yourself in these games.


Play free mystery games: The Secret of Life Flower, High School Detective, Josh Tam Mysteries, Nick Bounty, Detective Grimoire and more!


Growing up on shows like Murder, She Wrote; Unexplained Mysteries; and the ... you've read all three though — you don't want to spoil the game for yourself.


Jan 4, 2015 ... Do you have what it takes to get to the bottom of it? Are you a master detective? Let's find out!


Riddle me this, riddle me that, my mind is as quick as a cat. Do you love riddles? Do you love murder mystery? Then you've come to the right place. You'll have ...