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We take a look at the best stoner activities and fun things to do when you are high and baked out of your mind on cannabis. Bored and Stoned? We got you.


Jan 26, 2016 ... 20IDEASHERO 20 Best Things To Do While Youre High ... colouring in books around, but have you seen The Stoners Colouring Book? It takes ...


Nov 7, 2015 ... That might seem like a silly question, but it's not. Sometimes it's hard to think of something fun to do when you're baked, and if you're not careful ...


May 2, 2017 ... We have created the top 10 things to do when stoned list for stoners. ... Stonerdays wants you to remember to be creative and have fun in all ...


Sep 16, 2013 ... There are two things embedded in every stoner's mind on an everyday basis -- fire weed and bomb food. Contrary to popular belief, we're pretty ...


Apr 18, 2011 ... Guyism features a stoner bucket list of 20 things to do for the 4/20 ... or two, so why not do the next best thing and get on a hot air balloon ride?


mj: Ill make the first one (It cant be more than 10 things per post) i hope we will make it to the 1000th thing to do while stoned :mj: 1. Watch...


Apr 12, 2017 ... Not only is it something you could do alone to pass the time, but it's an activity that could be fun to do with the rest of your family as well.


Oct 22, 2013 ... 20 Weed Hacks To Optimize Your Stoner Experience. And get .... And you might actually make it out of your house to do things this time.