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The Rewards for Justice Program (RFJ) is the counterterrorism rewards program of the U.S. ... The largest reward offered was $25 million for the leader of al- Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, which had "attracted hundreds of anonymous calls but no ...


Abdullah is an al-Qa'ida senior leader and a member of al-Qa'ida's leadership council, the “majlis al-shura.” Abdullah is an experienced financial officer, ...


The Rewards for Justice Program is one of the most valuable assets the U.S. ... Terrorism threatens the security of all people, and our determination to fight it is ...


Keywords: circadian, cocaine, diurnal, dopamine transporter, reward ... We have previously shown that DAT protein (Sleipness et al., 2007b), .... performed on DAT velocity and percent inhibition by cocaine using onecycle software (v. .... at ZT2 compared with ZT14, similar to what we found in the NAc (Wirz-Justice, 1974 ).


Although the mesolimbic dopaminergic efflux associated with drug reward was previously .... versus reward, further supporting the role of the VTA in drug reward . ... With this technique, Pettit and Justice found a correlation between the ..... to be the most consistent stress inducer of drug reinstatement (see Lu et al. for review).


This indicates that the time of day, cognitive performance and reward may be related to one another. ... The mania-like behavior phenotype of ClockΔ19 mutant mice (Roybal et al., 2007) ... (Boivin, 2000; Anisman et al., 2005; Wirz-Justice, 2006; Dantzer et al., 2008). ..... Sleipness, E. P., Sorg, B. A., and Jansen, H. T. ( 2007a).


1Center for Security and Crime Science, Department of Criminal Justice, .... Police presence is assumed to influence the risk–reward calculus of ... Overall reductions in treatment versus control places were found for robbery, ... (Sorg et al., 2013), and 30 percent in Newark, New Jersey (Piza and O'Hara, 2012), when.


V. Learning to Query, Reason, and Answer Questions On Am- biguous Texts . ..... algorithm. The work builds on PGRD (policy-gradient for reward-design; Sorg et al. 10 ...... for which it is impossible to do full justice in the space available.


Jun 24, 2015 ... lies the paradox of drug reward, described by Sullivan et al. as .... of acute aversion due to taste) and increased the overall relative preference for nicotine vs. .... et al., 1987; Heffner et al., 1980; Pettit and Justice, 1989). Indeed, ... (Sorg and Kalivas, 1991), tail shock (Abercrombie et al., 1989), and tail pinch ...