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Jul 16, 2015 ... This process might take a few seconds. The Hogwarts Sorting Quiz (Pottermore Version). Ever wondered which house you truly belong in?


Jun 25, 2017 ... Find out which Harry Potter House you truly belong in, with a quiz that combines Sorting Hat magic with questions from social scientists.


The famous Hogwarts Sorting Hat gives an account of its own genesis in a series of songs sung at the beginning of each school year. Legend has it that the hat ...


Feb 2, 2017 ... There's nothing hidden in your head this sorting quiz can't see. ... And finally: We know that the Sorting Hat takes into account your preferences.


Jun 22, 2017 ... Have you ever wondered which Harry Potter house you would be in? Take our quiz below and find out which one you would be sorted!


Feb 5, 2015 ... Ever wondered which house you'd be in if you went to Hogwarts? We're celebrating Harry Potter Book Night with this sorting-hat quiz, which ...


This is the Pottermore Sorting Hat test as seen in Pottermore. This has all possible questions and answers from that test for anyone that wishes to know what ...


The official Pottermore Sorting Hat test. These are all the questions the Sorting Hat asks on Pottermore to sort you into your House. Enjoy!


find your hogwarts house harry potter sorting hat personality test. ... This quiz is based on a test developed by personality researchers. It can be used to describe  ...