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Nov 18, 2017 ... Seoul signs up to military constraints in return for Beijing lifting economic sanctions, setting a worrying precedent for China's regional rivals.


Dec 27, 2017 ... Read more about South Korea sees economic growth slowing in 2018 on slowing investment on Business Standard. South Koreans hold record debt while the nation's workforce is shrinking.


South Korea's market economy is overwhelmingly based on private ownership. Property rights and the regulation of property are adequately defined. The privatization and sale of government-owned banks, investment and trust companies made progress since 2001. Market concentration and overregulation, however, ...


South Korea has long been touted as an outstanding model of economic development. Despite poor resource endowment and a large population, a colonial legacy, the devastation following the Korean War, chronic political instability, and the protracted military confrontation with North Korea, South Korea has made an ...


Nov 24, 2017 ... WASHINGTON — Despite years of ever-tighter international sanctions, North Korea's economy has proven resilient and seems to have fended off the suffering President Trump has sought to halt the country's nuclear program. "The North Korean economy appears to be beating sanctions thanks to Chinese ...


Jan 11, 2018 ... This table includes data for Korea on economy, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health, information and communication, labour, migration, R&D, trad. ... Country statistical profile: Korea You or your institution have access to this content. English ... Economic structure: share of real value added.


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Dec 14, 2017 ... Due its actual economic structure, South Korea should be more worried about BOJ's extremely lax stance than about monetary policy normalization by the Fed.


Dec 19, 2017 ... Kim Jong Un may seem to keep his regime afloat with missile tests and propaganda depicting happy and healthy citizens despite the tough United Nations sanctions, but by next March North Koreans will be struggling to stay alive because of “severe” economic difficulties, South Korean researchers ...