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Similar to the rest of Latin America, the genetic ancestry of the population of the Southern Cone reflects the history of the continent: the Iberian colonizers were mostly men who arrived without women. In consequence, they had children with the local Indian women or with African female slaves. A European immigration to this ...


To defuse the situation, the United States agreed to purchase 29,670 squares miles of land from Mexico for $10,000,000 so a southern railroad could be built to connect the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. This would become known as the Gadsden Purchase. A critical component of U.S. intervention in Latin American affairs took ...


This is a list of Latin American countries and dependent territories by population, which is sorted by the 2015 mid-year normalized demographic projections. Table [edit]. Rank, Country (or dependent territory), July 1, 2015 projection, % of pop. Average relative annual growth (%), Average absolute annual growth, Estimated


The Latin American Studies Minor and Concentration certifies interdisciplinary study of the history, language, society, and culture of Latin American, the Caribbean, and its people throughout the Americas. The Minor is available to all students in the university and allows them to supplement their Major with in-depth study of ...


Like Brazil, Argentina is one of Latin America's largest beef producers. Two classic dishes – Steak with Chimichurri and Matambre, a rolled flank steak stuffed with vegetables, herbs and eggs – are mere examples of the area's many beef- based delicacies. Uruguayan barbecue, or asado, is also some of the region's tastiest.


list of countries in Latin America: Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the ... It is the southern portion of the landmass generally referred to as the New World, the Western Hemisphere, or simply the Americas.


The main thrust of the southern independence forces met much greater success on the Pacific coast. In 1817 San Martín, a Latin American-born former officer in the Spanish military, directed 5,000 men in a dramatic crossing of the Andes and struck at a point in Chile where loyalist forces had not expected an invasion.


The Latin American Studies Initiative. Latin America, a region that extends from the U.S.-Mexico border to the southern tip of South America is characterized by an extraordinarily rich past, stunning cultural wealth, and extensive natural resources. It is also a part of the world with extremely complex political, economic , and ...


I evaluate these assertions and amend information about this South American case study. Categorizing deer along narrow characteristics may be too restrictive to allow accurate predictions about interactions. More effective is considering the magnitude of plasticity (behavioral, phenotypic, genetic). The dichotomy of native  ...