Olympic sports are contested in the Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games. ... The term "sport" in Olympic terminology refers to all events sanctioned by an international sport federation, a definition that may differ from the common ...


Official list of all summer, winter and historical Olympic sports. Learn about the disciplines, sports and events that are part of the Olympic Movement.


A list of Olympic sports to be held at the Tokyo 2020 Games. ... The Olympic Games will feature 33 different sports. Aquatics; Archery; Athletics; Badminton ...


Feb 5, 2019 ... Complete list and details of all the Olympic Games sports and events which are part of the modern summer Games.


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Olympic torch illustration surrounded by sports in the summer games ... A sport may gain IOC recognition but not become a competing event at the Olympic ...


Jan 22, 2019 ... The ancient Olympic Games included several of the sports that are now ... which at times has included events in as many as 32 different sports.


Lagard√®re Sports understands Olympic sports and major events thanks to knowledge of the bidding process, profitable partnerships, and the value of intangible ...


A list of all the Sports athletes will be competing in during the Winter Olympic ... Competitors ski down mountain runs in events ranging from the speed of the ...