The German Handball Federation counts 756,987 members and 4,356 clubs and is thus one of the strongest national sport federations and the biggest handball ...


This book provides concise practical information on all aspects of the management, prevention, and rehabilitation of handball injuries.


The rules of handball allow you to touch the ball with each part of your body except ... how to be creative with a ball, then this is an absolute asset for his sport.


Abstract. In a prospective study of 302 adolescent players in three ball games ( soccer, handball and basketball), 119 incurred injuries. The injury incidence ...


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Sep 22, 2015 ... Handball can be found in nearly every jail and prison in America, and for the inmates who play it, it's more than just a sport.


Handball - Toute l'actualité avec les calendriers, les résultats, les news pour ne rien manquer de l'actu sportive.


11th European Deaf Handball Championship, Berlin, Germany 15-22 May 2016. Results: Match Date (Time) Team 1 Team 2 Result Match 1 Group A 16.5.2016 ...


Dec 21, 2018 ... Callum Mouncey played in the men's World Handball Championship in Spain in 2013 with Australia.Six years on from that occasion, he could ...