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A footbag or hacky sack is a small, round bag filled with dry grain (e.g. rice) or sand, which is ... Hacky sack games are similar to earlier Asian shuttlecock sports such as jianzi. The most common game of hacky sack consists of two or more ...


In competition footbag freestyle has evolved into an incredibly complex and competitive sport. Intricate routines are choreographed to music, and judged on ...


Hi. Virtually no crocheted (knitted) bags are filled with sand, because sand would easily leak out. These are filled with plastic pellets. This footbag will weigh a ...


Amazon.com : Sandmaster Footbag - Assorted Colors : Hacky Sack : Sports & Outdoors. ... This 14-panel sand-filled footbag is built for solid stalls and kicks.


Official Rules of Footbag Sports ... Published by the International Footbag Committee under the auspices of the International Footbag Players' Association.


Footbag golf is a recreational sport for everybody, regardless of age, gender or ability. The object of the golf game is to traverse a course from beginning to end ...

Feb 2, 2007 ... The best moments, including PT's Head Butt, of the second game of the Open Doubles semis2 at the 2006 World Footbag Championships.


Wide selection of footbags available in different sizes, colors, and designs. ... 100 PC 2" FOOTBAG ASSORTMENT Quick View ... 2" KNIT SPORTS FOOTBAG ...


This simple concept is the essence of the growing sport of footbag, commonly known as Hacky Sack. "Hacky Sack" is a trademark of Wham-O Inc., one of several ...